Tiny Little House Update #10

This last week I have made some more progress on the house Fitting out the interior and doing the decking area. here's a list of what I've been doing. These and many more pictures have also as usual been added to the progress in pictures page. Most of the work at the moment is small interior touches. dot punching nail heads and filling e.t.c and also finishing off edgings and facings. ready for the interior coat of varnish throughout the house.
  • Made the decking area. I decided to double hinge it.
  • I fitted some oak laminate flooring in the hallway/kitchen area. the living room will be carpeted
  • I fitted doors to the kitchen unit and cupboard above the shower room
  • I made and fitted the interior window facings
  • I put a number of shelves throughout the house
  • I fitted the door furniture
  • I have spent a lot of time on the corner and edge beading and interior facings and skirting's.
  • I layed some lino tiles under the sink

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