Tiny Little House Update #10

This last week I have made some more progress on the house Fitting out the interior and doing the decking area. here's a list of what I've been doing. These and many more pictures have also as usual been added to the progress in pictures page. Most of the work at the moment is small interior touches. dot punching nail heads and filling e.t.c and also finishing off edgings and facings. ready for the interior coat of varnish throughout the house.
  • Made the decking area. I decided to double hinge it.
  • I fitted some oak laminate flooring in the hallway/kitchen area. the living room will be carpeted
  • I fitted doors to the kitchen unit and cupboard above the shower room
  • I made and fitted the interior window facings
  • I put a number of shelves throughout the house
  • I fitted the door furniture
  • I have spent a lot of time on the corner and edge beading and interior facings and skirting's.
  • I layed some lino tiles under the sink


As you may know I was my preliminary budget for the whole project i was aiming for was £1000 ($1400) .I was doing good with this target but once i got stuck in and on a roll and seeing things starting to take shape I couldnt help but just go out and buy the things i need rather than spending my time scavenging different sources for them luckily I had a lot of appliances and materials that i sourced before building which is going to come in handy in bringing down the overall cost of the house in the end. I suspect the completed cost of the house will be more like double the original £1000 target. I am not too dissapointed with this as I am still using up a lot of the things that i have acquired through freecycle and car boot sales which is going to save a fair bit of money overall once the house is finished. I think the house is so far a fairly good compromise between budget and quality.

Tiny Little House Update #9

This past week I have been busy as ever on the tiny little house. mainly most of my time has been taken up getting clued up via books from the library on electrics i had a basic knowledge anyway but wanted to make sure i got it all right. Heres a list of jobs that i have done this past week:

  • Finished all the wiring and fittings and tested.
  • Installed the water tank and plumbing (the water tank is actually made out of a standard expansion cistern for a domestic cold water tank.
  • Fitted pvc wetwall cladding in the toilet/shower room and also t&g ceiling
  • Fitted the toilet light and extractor fan system...the fan is connected above in the space above the shower room and extracts through the light fitting.
  • fitted the toilet cistern and also a small hot water heater for hot tap water...I still havent worked out exactly what to do about shower hot water but there is plenty of space in the roof of the shower room to fit that a later date but as you can see in the picture I have fitted a shower rail in the shower room ready to be hooked up once the time comes. this was yet again free as i had it lying around in the garage after it was removed from an old house where the electric shower broke.
  • Insulated the whole house with glass wool.(itchy stuff so i got my dad to do it)
  • Cladded most of the internal areas and loft area.
  • I also fitted a small cold water tap in the kitchen worktop.

All of these pictures and more are also on the progress in pictures page as usual. cheers

Tiny Little House Update #8

As usual the last few days i have been busy making some good progress on the tiny little house, heres a list of some things i have been doing and some pictures... as usual these and more pictures are also on the progress in pictures page.

  • Stained the living area ceiling and beams and also the main roof beam
  • Insulated the ceiling and cladded
  • I bought some window boxes and fitted them. they just hook on and off
  • I put in place the 13A socket points ready for the initial wiring
  • I cladd one side of the partition between the living area and kitchen
  • I installed the worktop and sink
  • Finally I framed the bathroom walls and ceiling and sheathed the walls in thin plywood ready for the final finish. I plan some sort of pvc wet wall style sheeting for the walls

Let me know what you think. cheers

Tiny Little House Update #7

This last week has not been very good weather but i finally got the second coat of stain on the exterior i also finished the windows glazed them with 2mm acrylic glass to save on weight and cost , I also got the guttering up and done apart from the 2 downpipes, I also picked up a pine ex-display door for £15 and then cut it up and using a couple of 2x2s and the panels of the original door i have turned it into a stable style front door. I also got started on the internal studwork and units. The next step is to finish off the inernal studs e.t.c and then get all the wiring and plumbing .