Tiny Little House Update #18

Last week we had relatives to stay and had no extra room in the 'big house' so my auntie stayed the week in the tiny house. Which was nice to see that the house also works from a very praactical sense. she left a wee comment here about her stay here.https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=1271180231483259920&postID=4359084375447320874&isPopup=true. I also put bamboo rollup blinds on all the windows apart from the kitchen and bedroom windows .It wasnt really practical in the kitchen as they would be difficult to clean off food /water splashes. I made another small blind for the bedroom out of the offcut from the kitchen blind to save a bit of money.. We also got a nice clock for £5 from a sale that hangs above the door and fits in with the house well i think. Handy as it can be seen from every room in the house! where else but in a tiny house Would that be possible!!

Overall House Dimension FAQ's

I have had some questions regarding the house dimensions and sillily realised i havent stated them anywhere.

The exterior measurments exc the deck are 13' x 7' and the deck is 3'6". The height of the house from chassis level to peak of the roof ridge is 10' but as it stand on the legs at the moment in situe it is 11' high. The internals are 12' x 6' and the bed is 6'x 6'6" . I am currently figuring out a new twin axle chassis design that i can mount the house on as it stands which will give the house a travelling road height of 11', as far as i can remember the max road legal height allowed for a trailer without a permit is about 13' so it is well within road legal requirements once the new chassis is done. cheers

Tiny Little House Update #17

Having spent the last couple of weeks on the tiny office. i have only just managed to get stuck in with the finishing touches to the tiny house. Although i still plan to mount it on a stronger chassis and plant out the window boxes , and make some blinds or curtains for the windows e.t.c. ..The interior is now basically complete and Tonight is planned to be our first night spent sleeping in it!!! http://jbkg.freehostia.com/housepictures.htm click this link to see the house from start to near completion. hope you like it. cheers

Tiny Little Office Update #4

I have been working hard on the tiny little office over the past couple of weeks and It is now basically complete, having saved a lot by using old offcuts from the tiny house. It is now a blank space that could potentially be used for many different uses including office space, spare room , playroom, summerhouse, or my favorite,,,a Tiny little house extension. http://jbkg.freehostia.com/officepictures.htm click on this link for all the photos from the tiny little office from start to completion. cheers