Tiny Little Office Update #3

As the Tiny Little house is nearing completion I am eager to get the Tiny Office finished too. I have loads of offcuts from the house and having just had a clear out i had two wooden futon bases that i broke up and got plenty of wood from so i decided to just try and get the Tiny Office finished with as little expense as possible just bodging together all my offcuts e.t.c . The outcome may not be as pretty as hoped but its a good challenge to get stuck into. Today I got the roof lifted into place and the gables cladd with offcuts there were two different widths of cladding so a bit of forward thinking is required to get it to look ok. I also cased and started facing the windows with the wood from the futon bases these are not ideal as they are not square edge or wide enough really. so i might not cladd the inside walls completely to save on any unsightly joins.e.t.c. but we will see how it progresses.

Tiny Little House Update #16

As the Tiny Little House is nearing completion the pace of progress has slowed down a bit . but now looking forward to spending first night sleeping in it possibly in the next couple of weeks. Here is a list of things that have been done since my last post.
  • Completed the exterior staining finally that the weather permitted it.
  • Refitted the window boxes and put another one on the front of the house and also two brackets and hanging baskets.As you can see from the photo below the lettuces in the toilet are coming aloing well.
  • Finished off some painting and staining in the bathroom
  • Kirsty is currently in the middle of finishing some cushion covers for two big cushions that we have for sitting on in the living area.
  • I got two new wind down legs off ebay for the house as one has been missing from the chassis from the start and as the ones I got are different I put the two new ones on the back so it looked the same. The legs i got were far too long for what was needed so i cut them down with the angle grinder so that the house sits about a foot off the ground with the legs at right angles(sronger than inf they were at an angle.) I will take some photos tommorow and post for you to see.

These and more photos and details are also as usual on the progress in pictures page on the left hand menu.