Tiny Little House Decking Area

Some of you might have noticed that most other tiny houses around have the door or a small deck area or both at the rear of the trailer thus leaving the front of the tralier chassis where the A-Frame is unused. You may have also noticed that the Tiny Little House I'm building has the entrance door at the front of the trailer chassis. This was not a mistake. I didn't like the idea of cutting into my already limited living space but i do like the idea of a decking area. I pondered many different ideas to overcome this one. I decided before erecting the walls to put the door at the front of the trailer by the A-frame and hitch and plan on building a fold-up deck that when in use is supported by the A-Frame of the trailer and secured in place using the jockey wheel bolt. I think this is a good way of utilising the otherwise unused area of the trailer when not in-tow. There is also the added bonus of it being self supporting so no need for any uprights meaning little extra cost and weight. As this particular tiny house is not planning on being towed around very often i will probably just unbolt the hitch and then fold down the decking area and then fold up towards the front door then bolt on the hitch if it ever needs moved. Any ideas or suggestions feel free to e-mail me. cheers

Tiny Little House Update #6

The last two days havn't been ideal for putting the second coat of stain on so heres a list of jobs i have done over the last couple of days:

  • I Put a Batten along where the guttering will be going to bring it out a bit so that the water fall into the middle of the gutter. Figured this was a better solution than to trim the roofing sheets any more.
  • I put a capping batten on the roof at each gable.
  • I started the interior floor plan and started internal partitions.
  • I also got started on the windows that i hope to finish these next couple of days so then the house will be watertight and the exterior close to being finished. All the windows bar two will be opening windows hinged from the top of the window so swingin out from the bottom. The two windows in the living area on each of the long walls will be solid. i.e. will not open. I decided that these would not be necessary as there will be at least 1 opening window on each wall and each floor. I have not yet decided on what to glaze the windows with yet..I recieved 11 panes of 6mm glass this week off of freecycle but feeling the weight i think they might be slightly heavy in total for the house so I may just save them for the tiny little office and use some sort of acrylic to glaze the house windows.

Tiny Little House Update #5

After a weekend away and then a couple of days knocking in nail heads filling and then plenty of sanding in preperation for the exterior stain. The colour chosen was warm oak in a satin finish. Today i got the first coat on and tomorrow hopefully the final coat. I also got the sleeping platform joists and boards finished at the end of last week.

Tiny Little House Update #4

Yesterday I had another fairly productive day on the thiny little house. i managed to aqcuire the remaining ridge pieces and finished the roof off. I also trimmed the Facia boards down to size while putting a making a decorative piece fior the top as seen in the pfhotos below. I also got the joists in for the sleeping platform . for these i used mainly 3x2 timbers while using a 4x2 for the first joist (closest to the middle of house)for strength and it will give a bit of detail in the finished interior as it will be proud of the cladding so i will make a feature of it. I also dot punched and filled a few of the exterior nails to see how they would turn out and they are hardly noticable. So the next job is to dot punch and fill all the exterior nails and then a lot of sanding in preperation for the exterior stain coating i have not yet decided on a colour or finish so if you have any suggestions they would be much appreciated. cheers

Tiny Little House Update #3

Yesterday i spent making and fitting the door and window casings fairly straight forward . I also went out and bought the roofing sheets , I chose black corrugated bitumen sheets they are cheap very light and easy to fit and also come with a 15 year gaurantee. the sheets came to a total of £100 ($140) but were out of stock of the ridge pieces so am currently 3 short. Today i had a very productive day making and fitting all the door and window facias , the roof (- 3 ridge pieces) i also got the gable facias and gutter facia made and fitted .I also decided to put i strip of the same wood along the bottom line of the house to prevent any of the bottom of the cladding getting damaged and i also think it looks pretty good it gives the walls a good outline. I have added these and more pictures to the 'Progress In Pictures' page on the left hand menu . cheers. Feel free to comment or make any suggestions .

Tiny Little House Update #2

I spent today giving the roof a coat of waterproofer paint and laying a layer of felt underlay. I also managed to get started on the first of the window casings that i hope to finish off tomorrow and get some photos up too, also below you will see a photo i got this weekend while the little office was out sitting next to the house that i thought was quite good. Ihave added these and more pictures to the 'Progress In Pictures' page on the left hand menu . cheers. Feel free to comment or make any suggestions as i have no set plans i am open to any ideas .

Tiny Little Office Update #2

I spent Saturday morning constructing a base on castors for the tiny little office and moving the office onto it. The whole thing moves around on the wheels surprisingly easy without using much effort at all. Each castor is rated to 120kg so with a total over the 6 rated to 720kg this will easily take the finished weight of the office im sure.

Tiny Little House Update

Today I got in a good days work on the Tiny Little House. We got the walls fixed to the old caravan base and even got the roof framing done and the boards tacked in place for now. For these and more pictures of todays work click on 'progress in picture' on the left hand menu. I also got the castors for the Tiny little office throught the post today and plan on getting a frame made up to fit them to this weekend.

Tiny Little Office Latest

Today all the telephone line works have been completed and i can post freely now so keep back for regular updates. I spent yesterday erecting the tiny office wall studs and cladding them. I also plan to mount the tiny office on industrial castors (heavy duty shopping trolley wheels) at the moment it is just sitting on a car creeper trolley so i can wheel it easily in and out of the garage . I have bought some castors off ebay and am now awaiting delivery. Also note that i planed the groove off of the bottom row of cladding as it is very prone to breaking off , this is a common mistake made while cladding. For these and more pictures please click on ' Progress in ictures' on the left hand menu. cheers