Tiny Little House Update #15

Here's is a list of bits and pieces for the tiny house that i have done over the last week. unfortunately the the weather hasn't been good enough to get the last coat of stain on the exterior.
  • Put up some more shelving in the kitchen area.
  • Hung a few more hooks around the place
  • Silicone sealed around the kitchen worktop area
  • Put a couple more supporting timbers on the underside of the deck
  • Made a little set of steps out of some offcuts
  • Stained the decking area
  • Draught proofed the front door
  • Got a small gas heater for the living room and put the candle heater in there too
  • I also used a spare toilet bowl to make it into a planter when i made the veg bed and planted some lettuce in it that is starting to come up already in the pots are some carrots and chili peppers. these will probably go nicely on the deck area

Below are some pictures and these and more are on the progress in pictures page.

Tiny Little House Update #14

This weekend was mostly playing around with some little touches. On our usual weekend car boot we came across a few bargains for the house including some candle holders, a set of old fashioned decorative scales,some new slate tiles(to replace the marble hearth as they weigh about a tenth of the weight of the marble) and also an almost new baby belling mini oven grill and hob (If this wont fit in place in this house it will definitely go in another. I Also planted up the veg bed with some carrots and spring onions, put some hooks on the ladder(just straightened out coat hooks) and made a shelf under the sink out of some scrap wood from an old bed. These and more pictures are as usual on the progress in pictures page. cheers

Tiny Little House Update #13

I have now completed all the sanding and varnishing indoors. It took 3 coats of quick dry clear Matt varnish. I have also completed a couple of bits of the plumbing,put on the toilet seat and carpeted and skirted the living area. I also put a number of hooks e.t.c around the place for cups, pots,pans, nik naks e.t.c.. I also acquired an old bit of marble hearth stone for free from an old fireplace that i have put in the living area to sit a small heater or candle heater on ,obviously this is very heavy so will be lifted out of the house whenever being transported. I also got a couple of futons from Freecycle a while ago and have put one of the mattresses in the loft and makes a very cosy sleeping area (looking forward to spending first night in it). I made a ladder to get to the sleeping area out of 2 left over bits of 2x2 and a length of thick dowelling, I put 2 rubber door stops on as feet so it doesn't slip or mark the floor and will be adding some hooks on the top once I find some.
Finally the house is taking shape but there is still a lot of bits and pieces to finish off in the bathroom sealing, and a door and shower curtain and the inside of the 'door wall' still needs sheeted and clad in the PVC. The outside is going to take another coat of stain as the cladding has shrunk slightly and left some bare wood showing. Then there are the flower boxes and herb/veg garden to do and maybe a few bits and pieces on the decking area.There is some siliconing around the kitchen area to do and shelving e.t.c to go in the cupboards under the sink. Kirsty and I are off for a trip tomorrow to pick up two new wheels with new tyres for the house that we won on eBay.I don't want to risk moving the house on the old tyres in case they give way and also the two on the house at the moment are different sizes. Below are some more photos of progress and as usual these and more photos have been added to the progress in pictures page

Tiny Little House Update #12

I was busy with other things this weekend so didnt get much done on the tiny house. I did however fit another couple of corner shelves , 1 above and 1 below the existing ones and also finished off the Shower room door frame and surrounds. There is still a bit of work to be done in the shower room but now that it is completely enclosed it can be left till last and I can get on with Sanding and Varnishing the rest of the inside of the house. I hope to get the sanding and varnishing done over the next couple of days ready for the carpet to be layed. We already have a carpet ready to be laid. Below is also a picture of a small kitchen unit that Kirsty and I got from the local car boot sale this weekend for £12.50 after removing a towel rail from the end of it it now will fit inside the front door under the window and will look good after a wee clean up, Also is a picture of a dog bed that i was getting rid of for someone but instead of chucking it i tidied it up strengthened it with a couple of bits of scrap wood and gave it a coat of paint and is now looking good as a small herb or flower garden for the decking area perhaps. cheers