Tiny Office Roof Construction

I spent this afternoon finishing off the roof framing and boarded out. It was fairly tricky getting all the angles and cuts right for the front gable but i think it was worth the effort. I also Erected the walls and roof at the start of the day to get a feel for the space and theoretically I could have had even lower walls but overall I'm fairly pleased.. their is still a bit of neatening off and few more screws to go into the roof but basically its as is. I also gave the trailer for the tiny house a coat of paint you can see the picture on the left just click on tiny house progress in pictures and you can see pictures of today's work on the office on the office pictures page. Feel free to make any suggestions.

Tiny Little Office Update.

I spent this afternoon working on a the tiny office and have uploaded some pictures of my progress to my site, I will get out the next dry day and put it up to get a better idea of the space and some pictures.. Just click on the link on the left of the page, or click here. Let me know what you think or if you have any ideas. cheers.

Tiny Little Office Part 1

As I am unable to make much more progress for the next couple of weeks on the tiny house due to moving location I have decided to undertake another little project to keep me busy .while coinciding with the launch of my website... a tiny little office. And when I say tiny I mean tiny. It will be a slightly scaled up version of a kid’s playhouse like those seen here at the wood manor website. This particular design won’t be as elaborate as theirs but will be big enough for a desk, chair and filing cabinet and kettle. I have spent the last couple of afternoons knocking up four wall frames and a floor. I have no blueprints or anything to work from I am just making it up as I go along from a basic design idea in my head. I want it to have a traditional garden cottage kind of look. It will be a grown ups version of a child’s den playhouse.

I was never particularly a fan of anything flat pack (particularly furniture) and still aren’t but it’s very practical when space is an issue while constructing like for me and also is absolutely great practice in forward thinking especially when building without a set plan and dimensions to work from.

The four walls and floor are simple design. I have just kept the dimensions as small as possible while still keeping practicality in the back of my mind. The walls and plan I have are a good basis and starting point for the office there is a small door and four windows all are in a good basic position for now but I am yet to finalise the particular dimensions. These will depend on how the roof turns out and how low it hangs over the walls. I plan to build a triple gabled roof (two both sides and one extending forward) this is to maximise interior head height as the walls are as low as possible to keep the miniature feel to it all. And a triple gable tends to give the ‘cute’ look. I plan to build the office in 6 separate components. 4 walls, the floor and finally the roof structure as a complete part. This means that the office at least in component state will sit on a trailer nicely. Just imagine folding each of the four walls inward onto the floor then the whole roof will come down and sit on top. This is somewhat what it shall look like until erected and then possibly trailer mounted.

I plan to (weather permitting) get outside tomorrow and take some photos of the work I have done over the past two afternoons for you. I also plan to get started on the roof structure… again if you have any ideas or comment at all or any design features I could incorporate. Then please let me know as now is the perfect time to make alterations as the plan is very open to interpretation. Cheers

Plan Revision 1

I recently found a new freeware 2d and 3d design program so decided to try it out and with a proposed floor plan of the tiny house. It is pretty much to scale. The house is approx. 12'6 x 6'1 internal dimensions. Please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions. Cheers. The software is called sweet home 3d and you can download it for free here at http://www.sweethome3d.eu/ .


Welcome to the all new blog page of http://www.tinylittlehouse.com/ here you can keep up to date with my progress on the tiny house and leave any comments, questions or ideas that you might have. As this is the first post please check back soon for any updates. Feel free to leave a comment. I hope to get some more of the tiny house done these next few weeks. Thanks for looking. Cheers