Tiny Little House Update #12

I was busy with other things this weekend so didnt get much done on the tiny house. I did however fit another couple of corner shelves , 1 above and 1 below the existing ones and also finished off the Shower room door frame and surrounds. There is still a bit of work to be done in the shower room but now that it is completely enclosed it can be left till last and I can get on with Sanding and Varnishing the rest of the inside of the house. I hope to get the sanding and varnishing done over the next couple of days ready for the carpet to be layed. We already have a carpet ready to be laid. Below is also a picture of a small kitchen unit that Kirsty and I got from the local car boot sale this weekend for £12.50 after removing a towel rail from the end of it it now will fit inside the front door under the window and will look good after a wee clean up, Also is a picture of a dog bed that i was getting rid of for someone but instead of chucking it i tidied it up strengthened it with a couple of bits of scrap wood and gave it a coat of paint and is now looking good as a small herb or flower garden for the decking area perhaps. cheers

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