Tiny Little House Update #15

Here's is a list of bits and pieces for the tiny house that i have done over the last week. unfortunately the the weather hasn't been good enough to get the last coat of stain on the exterior.
  • Put up some more shelving in the kitchen area.
  • Hung a few more hooks around the place
  • Silicone sealed around the kitchen worktop area
  • Put a couple more supporting timbers on the underside of the deck
  • Made a little set of steps out of some offcuts
  • Stained the decking area
  • Draught proofed the front door
  • Got a small gas heater for the living room and put the candle heater in there too
  • I also used a spare toilet bowl to make it into a planter when i made the veg bed and planted some lettuce in it that is starting to come up already in the pots are some carrots and chili peppers. these will probably go nicely on the deck area

Below are some pictures and these and more are on the progress in pictures page.

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