Tiny Little House Update #19

This last week i have been busy after the steel for the new chassis arrived. After cutting out the old A-frame , I managed to get it all welded up and painted and fitted within the week.The main structural parts of the old chassis were left in place just the towing frame and suspension and lift units were removed. The wheels are now on the outside of the house So it is now more stable, and also means I could reclaim the interior space where the old wheels were which is great with storage space being important. the chassis extends out at the front slightly to support the first plank of the deck so there is no unsightly brackets or anything and is just altogether neater. I also made the front A-frame slightly longer so the deck can now be down with the towing hitch still in place which is handy. so to tow away just fold up the deck. I used hubs with PCD of a 100mm car wheel size as i had a set spare so saved some money there by being able to utilise them. Where the wheel was under the sink i have just blocked it up so the cupboard is now bigger and gave it a quick coat of paint i had lying around.to tidy it up Where the wheel was on the other side (under the built in shelves) i have just made into a wee cubby hole with a panel to cover that clips on with magnetic catches.
I have Also Installed another water tank so the cold water storage capacity has doubled from 4 to 8 gallons, this will also increase the water pressure which is an added bonus too. I also made a set of steps out of some fence panels as the steps i originally made have a new home outside the tiny office. These and more photos are also on the progress in pictures page.

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