Overall House Dimension FAQ's

I have had some questions regarding the house dimensions and sillily realised i havent stated them anywhere.

The exterior measurments exc the deck are 13' x 7' and the deck is 3'6". The height of the house from chassis level to peak of the roof ridge is 10' but as it stand on the legs at the moment in situe it is 11' high. The internals are 12' x 6' and the bed is 6'x 6'6" . I am currently figuring out a new twin axle chassis design that i can mount the house on as it stands which will give the house a travelling road height of 11', as far as i can remember the max road legal height allowed for a trailer without a permit is about 13' so it is well within road legal requirements once the new chassis is done. cheers


Anonymous said...

This house is fantastic. I speak from first hand experience having slept in it for a week!!! Loved it!
Very comfy bed and even with a bad back I managed to get up and down fine!! Cheers Johnny. A. Linda x

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks beautiful. We are trying to figure out how to do something similar--but without the loft.


Anonymous said...

very cool.well done jonny!