Tiny Little Office Update #3

As the Tiny Little house is nearing completion I am eager to get the Tiny Office finished too. I have loads of offcuts from the house and having just had a clear out i had two wooden futon bases that i broke up and got plenty of wood from so i decided to just try and get the Tiny Office finished with as little expense as possible just bodging together all my offcuts e.t.c . The outcome may not be as pretty as hoped but its a good challenge to get stuck into. Today I got the roof lifted into place and the gables cladd with offcuts there were two different widths of cladding so a bit of forward thinking is required to get it to look ok. I also cased and started facing the windows with the wood from the futon bases these are not ideal as they are not square edge or wide enough really. so i might not cladd the inside walls completely to save on any unsightly joins.e.t.c. but we will see how it progresses.

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