Small House Musings Article

Just another quick note to say thanks Katherine Walters who runs the blog for wriing a piece on the 'TinyliittleHouse' on her blog read it here . I hadnt come across Katherines brilliant blog before which is always nice to find more people into the tiny house movement. cheers


Just a quick thanks to Kent Griswold of , and Alex Johnson of for their recent posts on the Tiny Little House and Office cheers.. for Kents post and for Alex's post

Shedworking Article

Alex Johnson of the blog website has recently written about the tiny office on his site.. Read it here at.. . Shedworking is a brilliant site and very regularly updated with garden building projects and concepts and readers stories of working in their garden offices. Be sure to take a look at his site. Thanks to Alex

Tiny House Design Article

Michael Janzen of websites such as Nine Tiny Feet , Tiny House Design and also Tiny Free House in which he is building a tiny house out of shipping pallets and attempts to complete the whole project without costing a penny, has recently put a post up on his tiny house design blog about the tiny house that I'm building. Read it here at.. . Thanks to Michael Janzen.
The Tinylittlehouse sold and off to its new home

Tiny Little House Update #20

I have changed the hot water system from the small instant heat unit that was fairly temperamental as it needed high water pressure to work well , to a larger 5 litre capacity water heater and storage unit , so there will always be at least 5 litres of hot water on tap at anytime. This has a fully adjustable thermostat including frost stat.

Tiny Little House Update #19

This last week i have been busy after the steel for the new chassis arrived. After cutting out the old A-frame , I managed to get it all welded up and painted and fitted within the week.The main structural parts of the old chassis were left in place just the towing frame and suspension and lift units were removed. The wheels are now on the outside of the house So it is now more stable, and also means I could reclaim the interior space where the old wheels were which is great with storage space being important. the chassis extends out at the front slightly to support the first plank of the deck so there is no unsightly brackets or anything and is just altogether neater. I also made the front A-frame slightly longer so the deck can now be down with the towing hitch still in place which is handy. so to tow away just fold up the deck. I used hubs with PCD of a 100mm car wheel size as i had a set spare so saved some money there by being able to utilise them. Where the wheel was under the sink i have just blocked it up so the cupboard is now bigger and gave it a quick coat of paint i had lying tidy it up Where the wheel was on the other side (under the built in shelves) i have just made into a wee cubby hole with a panel to cover that clips on with magnetic catches.
I have Also Installed another water tank so the cold water storage capacity has doubled from 4 to 8 gallons, this will also increase the water pressure which is an added bonus too. I also made a set of steps out of some fence panels as the steps i originally made have a new home outside the tiny office. These and more photos are also on the progress in pictures page.

Tiny Little House Update #18

Last week we had relatives to stay and had no extra room in the 'big house' so my auntie stayed the week in the tiny house. Which was nice to see that the house also works from a very praactical sense. she left a wee comment here about her stay here. I also put bamboo rollup blinds on all the windows apart from the kitchen and bedroom windows .It wasnt really practical in the kitchen as they would be difficult to clean off food /water splashes. I made another small blind for the bedroom out of the offcut from the kitchen blind to save a bit of money.. We also got a nice clock for £5 from a sale that hangs above the door and fits in with the house well i think. Handy as it can be seen from every room in the house! where else but in a tiny house Would that be possible!!

Overall House Dimension FAQ's

I have had some questions regarding the house dimensions and sillily realised i havent stated them anywhere.

The exterior measurments exc the deck are 13' x 7' and the deck is 3'6". The height of the house from chassis level to peak of the roof ridge is 10' but as it stand on the legs at the moment in situe it is 11' high. The internals are 12' x 6' and the bed is 6'x 6'6" . I am currently figuring out a new twin axle chassis design that i can mount the house on as it stands which will give the house a travelling road height of 11', as far as i can remember the max road legal height allowed for a trailer without a permit is about 13' so it is well within road legal requirements once the new chassis is done. cheers

Tiny Little House Update #17

Having spent the last couple of weeks on the tiny office. i have only just managed to get stuck in with the finishing touches to the tiny house. Although i still plan to mount it on a stronger chassis and plant out the window boxes , and make some blinds or curtains for the windows e.t.c. ..The interior is now basically complete and Tonight is planned to be our first night spent sleeping in it!!! click this link to see the house from start to near completion. hope you like it. cheers

Tiny Little Office Update #4

I have been working hard on the tiny little office over the past couple of weeks and It is now basically complete, having saved a lot by using old offcuts from the tiny house. It is now a blank space that could potentially be used for many different uses including office space, spare room , playroom, summerhouse, or my favorite,,,a Tiny little house extension. click on this link for all the photos from the tiny little office from start to completion. cheers

Tiny Little Office Update #3

As the Tiny Little house is nearing completion I am eager to get the Tiny Office finished too. I have loads of offcuts from the house and having just had a clear out i had two wooden futon bases that i broke up and got plenty of wood from so i decided to just try and get the Tiny Office finished with as little expense as possible just bodging together all my offcuts e.t.c . The outcome may not be as pretty as hoped but its a good challenge to get stuck into. Today I got the roof lifted into place and the gables cladd with offcuts there were two different widths of cladding so a bit of forward thinking is required to get it to look ok. I also cased and started facing the windows with the wood from the futon bases these are not ideal as they are not square edge or wide enough really. so i might not cladd the inside walls completely to save on any unsightly joins.e.t.c. but we will see how it progresses.

Tiny Little House Update #16

As the Tiny Little House is nearing completion the pace of progress has slowed down a bit . but now looking forward to spending first night sleeping in it possibly in the next couple of weeks. Here is a list of things that have been done since my last post.
  • Completed the exterior staining finally that the weather permitted it.
  • Refitted the window boxes and put another one on the front of the house and also two brackets and hanging baskets.As you can see from the photo below the lettuces in the toilet are coming aloing well.
  • Finished off some painting and staining in the bathroom
  • Kirsty is currently in the middle of finishing some cushion covers for two big cushions that we have for sitting on in the living area.
  • I got two new wind down legs off ebay for the house as one has been missing from the chassis from the start and as the ones I got are different I put the two new ones on the back so it looked the same. The legs i got were far too long for what was needed so i cut them down with the angle grinder so that the house sits about a foot off the ground with the legs at right angles(sronger than inf they were at an angle.) I will take some photos tommorow and post for you to see.

These and more photos and details are also as usual on the progress in pictures page on the left hand menu.

Tiny Little House Update #15

Here's is a list of bits and pieces for the tiny house that i have done over the last week. unfortunately the the weather hasn't been good enough to get the last coat of stain on the exterior.
  • Put up some more shelving in the kitchen area.
  • Hung a few more hooks around the place
  • Silicone sealed around the kitchen worktop area
  • Put a couple more supporting timbers on the underside of the deck
  • Made a little set of steps out of some offcuts
  • Stained the decking area
  • Draught proofed the front door
  • Got a small gas heater for the living room and put the candle heater in there too
  • I also used a spare toilet bowl to make it into a planter when i made the veg bed and planted some lettuce in it that is starting to come up already in the pots are some carrots and chili peppers. these will probably go nicely on the deck area

Below are some pictures and these and more are on the progress in pictures page.

Tiny Little House Update #14

This weekend was mostly playing around with some little touches. On our usual weekend car boot we came across a few bargains for the house including some candle holders, a set of old fashioned decorative scales,some new slate tiles(to replace the marble hearth as they weigh about a tenth of the weight of the marble) and also an almost new baby belling mini oven grill and hob (If this wont fit in place in this house it will definitely go in another. I Also planted up the veg bed with some carrots and spring onions, put some hooks on the ladder(just straightened out coat hooks) and made a shelf under the sink out of some scrap wood from an old bed. These and more pictures are as usual on the progress in pictures page. cheers

Tiny Little House Update #13

I have now completed all the sanding and varnishing indoors. It took 3 coats of quick dry clear Matt varnish. I have also completed a couple of bits of the plumbing,put on the toilet seat and carpeted and skirted the living area. I also put a number of hooks e.t.c around the place for cups, pots,pans, nik naks e.t.c.. I also acquired an old bit of marble hearth stone for free from an old fireplace that i have put in the living area to sit a small heater or candle heater on ,obviously this is very heavy so will be lifted out of the house whenever being transported. I also got a couple of futons from Freecycle a while ago and have put one of the mattresses in the loft and makes a very cosy sleeping area (looking forward to spending first night in it). I made a ladder to get to the sleeping area out of 2 left over bits of 2x2 and a length of thick dowelling, I put 2 rubber door stops on as feet so it doesn't slip or mark the floor and will be adding some hooks on the top once I find some.
Finally the house is taking shape but there is still a lot of bits and pieces to finish off in the bathroom sealing, and a door and shower curtain and the inside of the 'door wall' still needs sheeted and clad in the PVC. The outside is going to take another coat of stain as the cladding has shrunk slightly and left some bare wood showing. Then there are the flower boxes and herb/veg garden to do and maybe a few bits and pieces on the decking area.There is some siliconing around the kitchen area to do and shelving e.t.c to go in the cupboards under the sink. Kirsty and I are off for a trip tomorrow to pick up two new wheels with new tyres for the house that we won on eBay.I don't want to risk moving the house on the old tyres in case they give way and also the two on the house at the moment are different sizes. Below are some more photos of progress and as usual these and more photos have been added to the progress in pictures page

Tiny Little House Update #12

I was busy with other things this weekend so didnt get much done on the tiny house. I did however fit another couple of corner shelves , 1 above and 1 below the existing ones and also finished off the Shower room door frame and surrounds. There is still a bit of work to be done in the shower room but now that it is completely enclosed it can be left till last and I can get on with Sanding and Varnishing the rest of the inside of the house. I hope to get the sanding and varnishing done over the next couple of days ready for the carpet to be layed. We already have a carpet ready to be laid. Below is also a picture of a small kitchen unit that Kirsty and I got from the local car boot sale this weekend for £12.50 after removing a towel rail from the end of it it now will fit inside the front door under the window and will look good after a wee clean up, Also is a picture of a dog bed that i was getting rid of for someone but instead of chucking it i tidied it up strengthened it with a couple of bits of scrap wood and gave it a coat of paint and is now looking good as a small herb or flower garden for the decking area perhaps. cheers

Tiny Little House Update #10

This last week I have made some more progress on the house Fitting out the interior and doing the decking area. here's a list of what I've been doing. These and many more pictures have also as usual been added to the progress in pictures page. Most of the work at the moment is small interior touches. dot punching nail heads and filling e.t.c and also finishing off edgings and facings. ready for the interior coat of varnish throughout the house.
  • Made the decking area. I decided to double hinge it.
  • I fitted some oak laminate flooring in the hallway/kitchen area. the living room will be carpeted
  • I fitted doors to the kitchen unit and cupboard above the shower room
  • I made and fitted the interior window facings
  • I put a number of shelves throughout the house
  • I fitted the door furniture
  • I have spent a lot of time on the corner and edge beading and interior facings and skirting's.
  • I layed some lino tiles under the sink